Pre-Planning Options

Prepaid Cremation Savings

Funeral/cremation and burial prices double on average every twelve years. When you pre-pay your funeral/cremation or burial services, you lock in today’s prices until the time of death – no matter how many years later.

Prepaid  Expenses Flexibility

Pre-planned and pre-paid funeral/cremation or burial services are fully transferable, allowing you to plan now and change later with no penalty. For example, if you chose to move your funeral/cremation or burial arrangements to Woodland Cemetery, it is as simple as coming in and signing a letter stating your wishes. This letter will be sent to the funeral home or transfer service where the pre-planned or pre-paid services are now being held. BY LAW within 30 days the funeral home or transfer service MUST forward your prepaid funds to Woodland Cemetery.

Woodland Cemetery is a not-for-profit business. We guarantee that our prices are the most reasonable available. When a pre-paid funeral/cremation or burial service is transferred to Woodland Cemetery any extra funds achieved due to our lower costs can be used to purchase additional services or cemetery property, or the excess funds can be returned to the estate at the time of death.

Peace of Mind

Pre-planning provides your family with a guide to your celebration of life. In fact, the Government of Canada describes pre-arranging one’s funeral as a “high-benefit, low-risk” decision.  Our Licensed Funeral Directors and Pre-Planning Advisors are here to guide you through the process; give us a call to discuss your celebration of life.

Ontario Licensed Funeral Directors

Woodland Cemetery has three licensed Ontario funeral directors on staff. Let us show you the difference that experience, trust and dignity can make for your family. We earn your trust, and we don't take it for granted.

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