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September 14, 2022

Notice to families regarding phishing emails:

We are posting this to inform our families of an incident involving access to information associated with a personal email account one of our former staff was using to contact families. The email address has been sending unsolicited emails to email addresses located in previously sent emails from this address.

The email reads as follows:

“Subject: Hello, keeping. In Touch”

“Good Morning. I am sure you are having a great day. Let me know once you get this.
It is important

Thanks a lot!”

Although we are unaware of any further misuse of your information, we are providing notice to you and other potentially affected clients about the incident, and about tools you can use to protect yourself against possible identity theft or fraud.

What happened?

We noticed on September 14, 2022 that we had received several email messages from a former staff member’s personal Rogers email account with the address This account was used on the individual’s personal mobile device to communicate with staff and clients here at Woodland Cemetery, Mausoleum, and Crematorium.

This occurred outside of Woodland Cemetery’s network as the account was hosted on the Roger’s email system. There has been no information breach on Woodland Cemetery’s internal network, email system which is managed by Microsoft, or any other system controlled and operated by Woodland Cemetery or St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Only digital correspondence using the email address is involved, and any emails sent to or from any email address remains uncompromised and perfectly secure.

What information was involved?

We are unaware of the actual method or degree this account has been compromised but it does seem to have included at least the email addresses this account has corresponded to and has been sending out the automated message above to those emails.

We do not believe there are any issues with payment card information as it has been Woodland Cemetery’s policy for several years to only process payments in person or over the phone and no email correspondence with payment information is likely involved.

What are we doing?

Our communications staff have already contacted Rogers about the issue to prevent any further emails from being sent out to clients and staff. The former staff member has also been informed of the issue regarding their email address.

The staff member involved has not worked at Woodland Cemetery since March, 2022. Since that time Woodland has already implement several digital security policies that do not allow for the use of personal emails to communicate with any of our clients on any official Woodland Cemetery business as we have no way of guaranteeing the security on external networks.

We have also upgraded our digital infrastructure in May by acquiring a new internal server and increasing security policies for our internal accounts. As well, beginning in 2021 we signed a contract with a reputable IT Support company: Compudata Systems, providing an advanced firewall system and digital security monitoring on all our internal systems. In 2021 we also switched our email system to the Microsoft 365 environment, offering all the advanced security benefits of a world class technical company in using Microsoft as the provider.

What can you do?

To protect yourself from the possibility of identity theft, it is important that YOU DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL. Please delete the email or report it as spam and ignore it. The email is an attempt to have you respond to it to see if the address it was sent to is currently active. If the email is ignored, the address it was sent to will be thought to be inactive and will be ignored in the future.

For more information regarding identity theft or fraud in Canada, please visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre ( @

For more information

If you have any further questions regarding this issue, please call 519-471-7450 and speak with our Communications Coordinator between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

July 5-8, 2022

Until July 8th, 2022, Woodland Cemetery will be undergoing road resurfacing throughout the grounds. During this time there may be some road access blocked and construction vehicles active on the various roads.

We apologize for our appearance and appreciate your patience and understanding while we work to improve the cemetery. We expect all work to be completed by July 8th and the cemetery to return to normal access after that time.

Thank you!
Woodland Cemetery Management

April 2022

Spring cleaning is here! Please remove any artificial decorations you may have left over the winter season.

Any items that may cause the cemetery to look unsightly may be removed from the cemetery as per Woodland Cemetery's Bylaws.