Pre-Plan Your Burial or Cremation

There are a number of financial and practical reasons to pre-plan your arrangements at Woodland Cemetery, but the most important reason to do so is to ensure that all your cemetery needs are taken care of so that they are not a burden to loved ones after you are gone. . There is never a financial loss to a family if the interest in the account is less than required for the pre-paid services, Also, families who pay in advance are protected from future fee increases. 

Pay for Your Lot Before it is Needed 
On the practical side, pre-planning eliminates the financial burden on grieving family members at the time of death. It allows a person to pay for his or her lot before it is needed and have the arrangements carried out exactly to their specifications, which can also relieve stress on grieving family and friends. 

Support Woodland Cemetery through Pre-Planning all Your Needs 
Why is it important to support Woodland Cemetery by pre-planning all your cemetery needs? As a "not for profit", "inter-faith" cemetery, part of every purchase goes back into the cemetery to take care of your loved ones, as opposed to supporting a profit-driven conglomerate with commissioned sales people selling monuments, cremation services or funeral services. 

When you purchase your  monuments, markers, cremation, and other funeral related services you are helping us take care of your loved ones. You can take comfort knowing this. Woodland Cemetery is a full service cemetery dedicated to providing for the families whose loved ones are resting at Woodland Cemetery. Woodland Cemetery does not employ commissioned sales staff.