Rules & Regulations 

Woodland is responsible for care, maintenance and the good order and condition of the cemetery. Woodland is not responsible for any structure or planting that may at any time be on or surrounding any cemetery lot. For further details please refer to the Woodland Cemetery bylaws or contact the cemetery office. 

Flower gardens are permitted in front of upright monuments only. Flower beds are not to exceed 18" from the base of the monument.

Artificial flowers and decorations are permitted from November 1st to April 1st. They will be removed during our spring clean-up if they are not removed before April 1st.

On flat marker lots, only fresh cut flowers or potted plants (pot size maximum of 6" in diameter) are allowed. No plantings of any kind. 

Monuments or markers may be installed immediately after the cemetery account has been paid in full. Please contact the Woodland Cemetery office for size restrictions and type of monuments or markers to be issued. 

Provincial Regulations 
In addition there are some provincial regulations regarding funerals, burials and cremations that you should be aware of. Please follow this link to learn more: 

Provincial Legislation