At Woodland Cemetery we have the resources to offer a variety of end of life services tailored to fit your own and your loved ones’ personal preferences and wishes. Let our expert staff help you plan or create a truly meaningful tribute, memorial or service.

Please contact us for pricing for the following services offered by Woodland Cemetery:

  • Flat marker graves
  • 2-grave upright monument lots
  • 3-grave upright monument lots

Child Cemetery Lots 

30" x 6' (Upright and Flat Memorials)

Monument Accessories

Personalize your own or a loved one's final resting place with dignified monument and cremation urn accessories such as: 

  • Ceramic Photos 
  • Flower Vases
  • Temporary Markers
  • Candle Holders
  • In-Ground Flower Vases 

Urns & Cremation Accessories 

  • Brass Single Cremation Urn
  • Ceramic Cremation Urns
  • Ceramic Single Urns 
  • Clock Cremation Urns
  • Cremation Keepsake Jewelry
  • Cremation Niche Porcelain Photo Option 
  • Urn Vault 
  • Wood Urn 
  • Metal Cremation Urns - Single 
  • Pewter & Metal Cremation Urns - Single 

Columbariums & Cremation Graves 
Outdoor Columbariums 

Trinity Garden Area 

  • Columbarium 
  • Estate Cremation Graves with monument 
  • Estate Columbariums 

Hexagon Niche Circle

Indoor Columbarium 

  • Woodland Mausoleum - Chapel of the Ascension, glass front niches 
  • Woodland Sanctuary indoor columbarium, glass front niches 

Cremation Graves 

Garden Cremation Lot with Flat Marker 
3' x 3' Lot including Marker & Inscription 

Cremation Section (Flat Markers Only) 
2' x 2' 
3' x 3' 

Interments are permitted on all days of the year except Sundays, Statuary Holidays, and Saturdays after noon. 

Funerals entering the cemetery for interments after 4:00 PM weekdays or after noon on Saturdays will be charged a late fee until completion of the interment. 

Traditional Casket Interments 
Complete service and recording fees 

Cremation Interments 
Interment of cremated remains in ground or niche 

Special Services 

Mailing Cremated Remains (within Ontario and Canada) 
Prices available upon request for the following: 

  • Upright Monuments 
  • Inscription Service
  • Granite Flat Markers
  • Cremation Urns 
  • Memorial Cleaning 
  • Planting and/or Maintenance of Flower Beds 
  • Tree Plaques 
  • Shrub Removal