Choosing Between Cremation & Traditional Burial 

Choosing between burial and cremation is an intensely personal decision that is best made after consultation with family members and loved ones. Many people today choose cremation over traditional burial because it can be less expensive and simpler, and it saves valuable land space. 

Cremation Vs Burial 

  • Cremation reduces the body to its basic elements within a matter of hours, while burial allows for slow and natural decomposition.
  • Cremation is typically less expensive than traditional burial; direct cremations do not even require embalming. 
  • Cremation provides the option of keeping the remains in an alternative type of container and allows for easy, portable display rather than a casket, which is permanently placed in a burial plot. 
  • Cremation is not a substitute for a funeral. Final disposition of the remains is still required. 

Cremated remains can be placed in a columbarium or buried in a plot, entombed in a glass front niche in an indoor columbarium or scattered in Woodland's Scattering Garden. The main thing to keep in mind when choosing between cremation and burials is that cremation is a permanent, irreversible process. Be sure to weigh all the factors before making a decision.  

Woodland Cemetery is a full service cremation cemetery, offering: 

  • Niche & Columbarium (indoor & outdoor) 
  • Estate columbarium 
  • Urns
  • Porcelain photos 
  • Cremation graves 
  • Cremation markers
  • Urn vaults 
  • Cremation scattering garden 
  • Crematorium 
  • Committal chapel for services 

Woodland Cemetery offers a variety of burial and memorial options: 

  • Lots - Single, Double, Triple 
  • Monuments & markers (wide variety on display) 
  • Porcelain photos for monument 
  • Bronze candle lanterns 
  • Memorial benches 

For more information about cremation or burial, please contact the Woodland Cemetery office