Douglas Tuckey
Douglas Tuckey

Obituary of Douglas John Tuckey

Doug, Douglas, Dougie – depends on who you are is what name you used. “Douglas” is what his Dad Doug called him. “Dougie” was what his sisters (Debbie, Terry, Nancy) called him.

For many of his years growing up, Doug lived on a small hobby farm near Whalens Corners. He had a horse named King and two dogs, Ringo and Sheba, that were constant companions. His cousins Alvin, Chris, Patty and Tim would come to the farm and adventures would begin. The corn fields were great for hide ‘n’ seek and the hay loft always provided a swing from a rope from one mound of hay to another. As Doug got older his adventures continued in London. At 26, Doug married Linda Gray and for 38 years they had each other’s back. Sadly, Linda passed away suddenly in 2021.

During the many decades living in London, Doug was very active in Special Olympics. Track and field, bocce, golf, soccer, softball, floor hockey and curling. He always had a smile, always ready to lend a hand.

Doug was a hard worker and for many years could be seen at Metro packing groceries into vehicles. Archie’s Fish & Chips was Doug’s last job – he was a “preppie”, dishwasher and whatever else needed to be done. For the many foodies, you would have heard about Doug’s ribs and famous homemade bbq sauce! He to bbq and grill!

Community Living, London was for many, many years a very large part of Doug. Ceramics, painting and cooking, three of his loves. Doug and Wolves went together like peanut butter and jam! You can’t look at a wolf picture or ceramic and not think of Doug!

In July, Doug was able to go on a much-anticipated holiday by himself to Toronto. The Aquarium and CN Tower were highlights as was a “truck food” and the King size bed! He enjoyed himself thoroughly!

A very big thank you to all who enriched Doug’s life-his incredibly amazing support staff and his beautiful friends at CLL, the awesome coaches and colleagues in Special Olympics and Doug’s new friends on Whetter Ave. He truly loved you all. His laugh, his jokes and his eye rolling will be missed by everyone.

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